Marriage as a union is significant and backed by several Bible verses but I always tell a lot of people not to allow people tell them when to get married, even though the Bible, Holy Qur’an and Tradition has stated it.

Those holy books and our lovely tradition haven’t given specific age range at which one should get married. People ask you to get married but will never assist you to get a job or something to support the home, are such people qualified to tell you what to do regarding that?.

Some Professional Women You Can Marry and Trust for a better Marriage when you are ready.

First: You Can Marry a Nutritionist, Matron or a Hospitality Management Expert and Be Happy, they can cook and balance a diet that will give you a long lasting life, everyone needs a good cook.

Secondly: A woman who is a teacher is reliable, teachers are the kind of people who have seen it all, tolerated all manner of students and their attitude, they can manage your children based on experiences.

Third: You Can Marry a Farmer, a woman who has passion for farming has passion for life and nature. They are resilient and can withstand change as the seasons blow them with rough fettle.

Lastly: Journalist, a female Journalist has experience of what the world is like, they are like teachers who go around to experience what people face, due to this, they hardly demand much because they’ve seen it all and resort to appreciate what hey have.


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