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Blood is made up of a lot of different cellular components. There are Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and White Blood Cells (WBCs), which carry oxygen and help fight infection, respectively.

There are platelets, which help your blood clot. And there’s plasma, which provides the body with things like nutrients and hormones.

Your plasma contains antibodies, which your immune system uses to fight foreign invaders like germs and bacteria.

Your blood also contains antigens. These are proteins and other molecules present on the outside of your Red Blood Cells (RBCs). They determine what type of blood you have. Blood is further classified by its rhesus factor (Rh factor). If your blood contains the Rh D factor, the most prevalent and important of the Rh factors, you will have a positive blood type. If your blood lacks it, you have a negative blood type.

People with type O blood have the lowest risk of heart disease while people with B and AB have the highest. More over, people with A and AB blood have the highest rates of stomach cancer. Last but not the least, people with type A blood can have a harder time than others managing stress because they often produce more of the stress hormone cortisol.

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