Reports convened has it that all s not well in one Latey Presbetarin School as a Teacher has done the unthinkable to his student.

In this regard, many people privy to the news have called for his head and other punishment.
The teacher must be suspended as early as possible so that, his wicked attitudes will not have influence on the life’s of other staff members in Latey Presbyterian School.


It was very sad as it was announced by Appiah Kubi and his crew on Threesome news on Angel TV.
It was known that, a wicked teacher beats a student in Latey Presbyterian School to death as a result of a minor misunderstanding between the teacher and the student by name Samuel. This case happened when Samuel, the SHS 2 student, jumped over the school wall to town using his teacher’s table.

The teacher got angry and beats Samuel mercilessly to death upon reaching the hospital. It is indeed a sad news and the necessary investigations are ongoing in Latey Presbyterian Senior high School.

The school authorities have questions to answer and the police officers will also intervene and do the vital arrest as it is needed.


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