Every day we give and receive kisses of all kinds, we give them out of cordiality, out of tenderness, out of love and sometimes even out of commitment. This post talks about 6 types of kisses and their meanings.

1. Friendship kisses:
When we love someone, for example friends, with whom we share joys and sorrows, it is always good and healthy to give a kiss as a sign of affection and the importance it has in our lives, they are easily identified because they are accompanied by a hug of those that take away your sadness ; Although this type of kiss is also responsible for so many unrequited loves because it can create false hopes.

2. Hint kisses:
When there is a person we like and they do not know it, we tend to do it, sometimes instinctively, kissing the edge of the mouth when we say hello or goodbye. This can be the beginning of a relationship or the end of a friendship.

3. Tender kisses:
These usually occur when we start a relationship, that first kiss that is usually tender and long-awaited, is so perfect that it transports you to heaven in a second.

4. Tight kisses:
Those kisses that lovers give each other when the desire to see each other is almost unbearable, those goodbye kisses or reunion , and with which they would like to stay with their partner forever.

5. Sensual kisses:
They are those kisses that are given in the right place and time, under the moonlight, on a romantic walk, in which the senses intervene and pleasant sensations invade us.

6. Passionate kisses:
Those kisses in which the world stops and nothing matters more than the two of them. Kisses can be and are one of the universal expressions of love and appreciation, both for our partner and for those we love. Kisses are undoubtedly one of the favorite ways for human beings to show their interest in someone.

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