Breaking up with your girlfriend can be so painful and hectic sometimes.

You can be in a very loving relationship with a woman and all of a sudden, there’s nothing mutual going on. It really pains when you have fallen for the woman more than expected.

Dating in a relationship needs careful thought and understanding to make you a hero in it. The cause of high blood pressure and it accompanied ailment is as a result of breakup. I once fell in love with a woman I cherish with all my heart very well.

1.. Mutual Breakup

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This is the most common relationship breakup that happens in our days now. You wouldn’t see it coming and before you realize, you have been kept in the shadow. As a guy, being aware of such breakup would make you feel at ease and know how to handle such relationship when the time comes. Normally, both parties do not respond to treatment and before each of them would realise, they have been torn apart.

2.. The Man Breaking Up With Her

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This type of relationship happens when you breakup with her. There are so many things that goes on in a relationship and sometimes it’s very difficult to tell what led to the breakup. Most guys tend to focus on so many thing in a woman and that eventually leads to their breakup. They normally want their woman to be perfect in all aspect. It is very shocking to realise that most guys breakup because they feel the woman they are in love with is not naturally endowed.

3.. The Woman Breaking Up With You

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It’s no doubt that women also breakup with the guy instead of the other way round. They feel to give up in a relationship when they realise they are insecure and there is no assurance of the future. Women wants guys who are able to take very good care of them either emotionally, physically or financially. They tend to see such guys as worth substance and a good pair in life.


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