The following are some top Ghanaians celebrities who are blessed but they don’t believe in God, Anita Asante, Wanlov Kubolor, MzBel, Blakk Rasta, Avram Moshe and Nana Tornado.

Anita Asante

Former Metro TV morning show and footballer at Aston Villa Women team, Anita Asante is a known atheist. The writer who is a very close to MzBel has on endless events expressed she has no time for God or Jesus, that is if they exist. Anita feels religion is a device to control people yet holds no genuine significance.

Wanlov Kubolor

Sibling of the African mermaid, Sister Derby, Wanlov Kubolor, is a notable nonbeliever. He has, on innumerable events, mocked God and Jesus Christ just as Prophet Mohammed on his social media pages. Wanluv Kubolor says he likes to see the world scientifically.

Blakk Rasta

Renowned Ghanaian radio presenter and reggae artist, Blakk Rasta, has made it openly clear his disbelief in God. In spite of the fact that he was brought into the world a Muslim, Blakk Rasta says he doesn’t have faith in God any more.

Blakk Rasta has accomplished a great deal for himself regarding his ability and profession. He’ s on record to have met then EX US-President Barack Obama.


The ” Abi sixteen years old” hitmaker, Mzbel is a popular atheist. In an interview with Stacy Amoateng, she made it openly that she doesn’ t trust God. She clarified that there is another story of an Egyptian god, Horus, which is like that of Jesus, so it looks bad to pick one story over the other. As per Mzbel, she sees the entire Jesus and God story as a folktale made by the Whites to emphasize on White Supremacy.

Nana Tornado

Previous Afia Schwarzenegger TV series star, Nana Tornado. He doesn’t hide this from anyone as he called himself an atheist he has said this on radios and TV interviews. To show he is a nonbeliever, Nana Tornado posted an image of a Quran and a Bible in a flush latrine on his Instagram page. Because of that many Ghanaians insulted him and pronounced curses on him and also called him a lot of names for his irreverent demonstration.

Avram Moshe

Avram Moshe, an alleged Christian minister who has revoked God and Jesus, and is presently an atheist and the head of an apostate movement called Common Sense Family. The group likes to utilize common sense than to believe in God.

Avram Moshe who just changed over from being a Christian to being an Atheist approached his devotees to discard their Bibles as the book was written by the Whites to have dominion over different races. He has also been mocking Christians who pay tithe. As per him, the act of paying offering is a modern day fraud.



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