When a woman is no longer interested in the relationship or no longer loves you, there are numerous ways you can find out as a man.

1. Every time you call her. She will pretend to be busy or will promise to call you back later. And she will end up not returning the call.

2. She begins to find it very difficult to call you, or she might stop calling. While in most cases, she will only call you whenever she needs your help or assistance. But she would not call you to ask how you are doing.

3. She begins to get angry at you for no good reasons.

4. She starts requesting a gift or something in return before doing any favor for you. This is because she wants you to bribe her first.

5. She will only call you sweet and romantic names whenever she is in need of something from you.

6. When a woman is no longer in love with you, you begin to notice that she will no longer care for you, even when you are sad or sick. This is because they begin to see it as nothing.

7. When she wants you to spend on her without planning for the future. A woman who doesn’t love you will always want you to spend more, without caring how much you have.

8. She will start ignoring your calls or stops giving you her attention once you start complaining about financial issues. She will only be there for you when you keep spending on her.

9. Furthermore, she is so secretive because she doesn’t want you to know much about her. And won’t allow you to have access to her phone.

10. She will always find it difficult to spend quality time with you. Even when she visits you, she will always be in a hurry to go.


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