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Keep this in mind, gentlemen! Whatever their feelings for you are, there are some things that women want you to know but will never tell you because they are too humiliated to do so.

Ladies, Without a doubt, I think you’re great – but attempting to comprehend you is like trying to comprehend a lecture on Quantum Physics delivered by a drunken guy in a foreign language – it’s difficult to comprehend.

You will need to be aware of some fundamental facts until mind-reading technology is discovered (or until you are electrocuted like Mel Gibson in What Women Want), since your girl will want you to be aware of it but will not tell you about it.

Women who are in a relationship typically have a diverse variety of interests, but they are frequently afraid to show these hobbies to their partners in public settings. For some men, reading their girlfriend’s mind is a tough talent to acquire, and as a result, they often find themselves in the position of not understanding what she really wants. In this piece, I’ll outline eight things that your girlfriend wants from you but is too ashamed to tell you about since she doesn’t want to make you feel guilty.

The following are some things that females like but would never tell you about:

1. Introduce her to everyone of your coworkers and friends.

The vast majority of ladies love it when their husbands do this because it makes them feel extremely confident in their own skin and abilities. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men do not take this into mind at all.

2. Making her feel appreciated and cherished.

In certain cases, even if you make her feel loved, it does not follow that you would call her or do something else along those lines. Perhaps by playing with her and holding her in your arms, you are able to alleviate the distress she is experiencing.

3. Providing her with financial assistance.

As the fundamental motivating force underlying all modern-day interpersonal interactions, this portion of the essay is the most important of the entire piece. She will be yours for as long as you have the means to cater for her financial needs.

4. Showing her your love and devotion by being there for her.

A woman’s troubles may not always be solved by financial means, but showing her a little sympathy and love might go a long way toward relieving her misery. Couples that stick by their girlfriends during difficult times and give aid are popular with the ladies.

5. Preparing meals for her in the kitchen.

While most women would like their man to make breakfast for them before they wake up, they will not tell their husbands about it at this time of day.

6. Purchasing her clothing.

The fact that every man should realize that if he is able to do this, any woman would always respect him for it should eliminate the need to restate this issue.

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