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That Young Yahoo Boy That Ran Mad Two Weeks Ago Has A Message For All Ghanian Youths.

When you have a desire or a dream, be careful who you trust. Be careful who you share your yearnings with, because there are lots of people out there who want to put a dampener on your dreams, those who want to get one up on you and, of course, people who will judge you later for what you have achieved.

One thing we all know is that it is not always easy to identify people who are trustworthy. Moreover, what we often do is to open up all our ideas and present them in their entirety to the people around us.

Some people aren’t satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness. Be careful who you trust – not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

Sometimes you meet someone and you just do not trust them, you do not have a good feeling about them. Other times, you meet people and you somewhat think they are trustworthy.

You might remember that a young Ghana boy whose online video was released just two weeks ago was known to be foolish. And also that a lot of people truly had to say a little on the video, he continued to claim that his mother cannot use it ritually.

The young boy was found not to be angry enough, but instead to gain fame and attention and he looks like a comedian struggling for that in Ghana’s comedy industry.

He revealed he was not really mad in the post that he had made and also revealed he had something important to tell Ghanians that he was not mad, and that everyone should remember the people he had with and also think about those who you asked for help because this generation was something else altogether.

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