THE COALITION of Concerned Teachers (CCT) has appealed to Government to improve the conditions of service of its members without any further delay.
At a press conference held yesterday in Accra, King Ali Awudu, its president, said the economic situation in the country, as of now, warranted a review of teachers’ base pay even though the unions for the public sector workers, through the Public Services Joint Standing Negotiations Committee, agreed on 4 percent and 7 percent base pay increment respectively for 2021 and 2022.

Calling on Government to consider a cost of living allowance (COLA) of 20 percent in addition to the 7 percent base pay increment, Mr Awudu stated, “Since March this year, the conditions of our members and their purchasing power keep declining as a result of the difficult economic conditions in the country. Prices of goods and services are soaring, thus making the 7 percent base pay increment for next year already moot. In line with this, we call on Government, to as a matter of urgency, invite leadership of Organised Labour, to sit and negotiate for a COLA for all public sector workers, to ease the pain and suffering of teachers…The only mitigation is to have a corresponding salary increase in the form of COLA.”

The coalition also called on the Fair Wages and Salary Commission (FWSC) to convene a meeting with other relevant institutions to review the Single Spine Salary policy since it has outlived its lifespan.

According to them, a realistic remuneration structure should be developed for the public sector.
“We, request that these negotiations should commence before the end of this year so it can be completed before the 2023 negotiations begin in the first quarter of 2022,” they said.

The coalition further gave the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Teachers Union a deadline of 17th November, 2021 to reach the conditions presented to the National Labour Commission (NLC).
“In regards to this, if no favourable agreement is reached, the Coalition won’t be able to hold the anger of teachers anymore,” it highlighted.


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