The world of love can be quite confusing and frustrating. If only we could walk up to someone we like and outright tell them that we like them and they will respond that they like us back, then there will only be happily ever afters in this world.

But life doesn’t work that way, not everyone gets to have their happy endings, and not everyone will get to know who likes them or not.

Things Girls Do When They Like You

It’s especially harder for boys to know when a girl likes them because their minds were never intentionally wired for picking up these hints. But if you’re lucky enough to be reading this article, here’s how to tell if a girl likes you

1. She Makes Time For You.

Of course, she does! She obviously likes you if she makes time for you and when we say make time, we don’t mean you get to see each other during classes or common and general meetings. She makes time by actually clearing out her supposed busy schedule just to see you, talk to you, or hang out with you.

2. She Wants To Hang Out With You All The Time.

As long as you’re there, she will also be there. If you find yourself often hanging around at parties with her presence there, even though she declined to come in the first place, then it’s likely that there’s a teeny tiny chance that she likes you. Why else should she give you a special time and attention

3. She Responds Quickly.

If you send her a text message, your phone lights up within ten seconds, if you call her on her phone, she picks up within the first few rings, and when you ask her if she wants to hang out with you and your friends, there’s never a hesitant “no” to her answers! In short, she responds quickly to all invitations, especially if it’s coming from you. And why wouldn’t she if she clearly, really, really likes you?

4.She Takes Note Of The Little Things.

When a girl likes a guy, she will take note of all the little things he says and every detail she can take from his life story. Don’t be surprised when suddenly shares a fun fact video about a movie you really like or invite you to a band you casually mentioned to her last week. She will take every opportunity to learn about you from you and she will do her best to make a good impression if she really likes you.

5. She Can’t Keep Eye Contact.
For most people, it’s almost impossible to keep eye contact with someone they really like. Maybe they’re afraid that if they look, they’ll fall even deeper in love or maybe the gaze from their crush’s eyes is too intense and they’re scared of feeling vulnerable. If she shies away from looking at you when you talk to her, then there’s a huge chance that she’s crushing on you too.

6. She Blushes Around You.
One of the most obvious physical signs of attraction is the blush. Those faint hints of pink creeping up to her cheeks when she looks and talks to you is a tell-tale sign of likeness. Take note that the more she does this around your presence, the more confirmed it is that that girl is clearly smitten by the likes of you!


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