The cheating spouse is always smart and confident If men are not careful they will become unaware of what is going on behind them.

Women are God’s wonderful creatures, and they are intelligent and understanding. However, some use it in other ways.

To find out, you will find that she knows and does everything she knows or does, deeply and confidently. Likewise, if your partner is cheating on you you may not be aware of it, but I’m going to describe some of the behaviors people display when cheating on a relationship.

Here are six things a married woman or fiancé does when having an extramarital affair.

1. As your spouse starts avoiding some incoming calls with you, realize that someone is harassing him or her because he or she has a secret relationship with you or is currently in a relationship with someone.

If you ask him why he doesn’t answer the phone, he will tell you that the reason is because a fool molested him and you warned him not to call him again as he is already married / engaged. .

2. When a woman cheats on her husband, her feelings about him change. You become more arrogant and disrespectful.

You can learn this by asking them to do something that makes them more stressed out. He may not be able to speak at first, but when he’s very upset he opens up and says, “Your situation is too much for me.”

3. When an unfaithful woman calls her husband, she whistles first and then continues to work and may or may not answer the phone. However, it will flash later to call again and explain why your first call was not answered.

Why do you want to do that? It’s only because he found someone better than you to take care of them. But he is either not satisfied with your care or he is very greedy.

If you notice that your spouse has a strange attitude that you didn’t have when you first met them, be careful and follow their movements. As you will learn, there is something very strange about it.

4. This is also one of the strange behaviors of a traitorous partner. When a girl is cheating, she always hides her cell phone from her real partner.

If one day you ask him to lend you his phone, he’ll say you can use your phone and he won’t ask you to. And what exactly do you want to do with his cell phone? This shows that he is hiding something from you.

An honest person will give you their cell phone and tell you when you find something suspicious, such as someone they are flirting with or sending love letters to when they fail to meet them

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