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It is arguably no doubt that the English language is evolving and changing as some old English we speak are now been refined. Most times we often still make some blunders in the official lingual franca as we feel they are correct or even sound correct but in reality they are not.

But one distinguishing character about Nigerians and Africans at large is that when correcting them they tend to take offense and start calling you “Mr Know Know”, “Over sabi” and so many names. The truth is nobody is 100 percent all knowing, so we should all embrace corrections from everybody no matter how little you think the person is.

For the Purpose of today’s article, i will be sharing some English sentence we use everyday that we think is correct but it’s not.

Below are some corrections to some wrong statements we use everyday.

1) The rain is falling (Wrong)

It is raining (Correct)

2) How was your night (Wrong)

Hope you had a peaceful night rest, or I hope you slept well (Correct)

3) I am slicing okra to make soup (Wrong)

I am slicing some lady finger to make soup (correct)

4) Spoil the rod and spoil the child (Wrong)

Spare the rod and spoil the character (correct)

5) There is go slow on the road (Wrong)

There is traffic jam (Correct)

6) How was your night (Wrong)

Hope you slept well (Correct)

7) Have you eaten (Wrong)

Have you taken breakfast, lunch or dinner (Correct).

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