Sperms are the male reproductive cell, or gamete, in anisogamous forms of sexual reproduction (forms in which there is a larger, female reproductive cell and a smaller, male one).

Sperms, Counselor, Beautiful Lady

Sperms are complex substances created by the male reproductive organs.

The fluid is made mostly of water, plasma, and mucus (a lubricating substance). It also contains 5 to 25 calories and is made up of small amounts of essential nutrients including Calcium.

Sperms, Counselor, Beautiful Lady
In a viral video, a female bus counselor can be seen giving guidance to women on a journey.

During the trip, the marriage counselor was overheard telling women that after each intimate session, they should thank men because most women appear beautiful without makeup because of the sperm they receive from males.

According to the Ghanaian woman, sperms contain vitamin C, which gives women a natural shine after each intimate session.

She also asserted that because they haven’t tasted the forbidden fruit, virgins always appear to be dummies and act foolishly.

The woman, who claimed she is a mother of seven healthy children who enjoy it whenever her husband is “cumming,” asked males to continue providing it to women whenever they want it.

What is the scientific proof that sperm makes women prettier?

According to medicalnewstoday.com, although semen contains nutrients that are good for the skin, there is little scientific evidence to suggest that applying semen to the skin or consuming it can improve skin health and appearance.


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