Single’ is often used to refer to someone who is not involved in any type of romantic relationship, including long-term dating, engagement, marriage, or someone who is ‘single by choice.

Single, Relationship
Single people may participate in dating and other activities to find a long-term partner or spouse.

Most people think being single is the best, but I won’t blame them because I don’t know what must have happened in the past that made him or take the decision of being single, you might not be lucky in getting a partner, but you don’t have to be single for a long time, I will be listing few points below.

1. It increases the chances of getting depression.

When you are single you will notice that you will easily get depressed because most times you will need someone to talk to, and you don’t need a friend or family member you just need a woman or man to be around you, everyone needs to be in a relationship I know we all have different challenges in life, but you have to let yourself feel loved and be loved.

Love is a very powerful thing which everyone has to feel, most people enjoy being single because they won’t spend a lot, and they will have enough time to think about things, but they will notice that they will end up getting depressed, so I want you to understand that being single for a long time can lead you into depression.

2. You start to lose interest in the other gender.

When you are single for a long time, such can make you lose interest in the other gender, you have to fight hard to make sure that your feelings for the other gender won’t be affected.

That’s the reason today we have gays and lesbians all over in our society because they killed the feelings they have for the other gender, and started has interested in their gender because they are the only ones that do come around.

3. You start blaming people for you being single

Most people will end up dragging their friends or family members to be the cause of them being single, you have to be proud of your decision, but such will end up hurting your feelings.

No matter what love has done to you in the past make sure you don’t start single for too long because that will hurt you because most times you will end up feeling lonely and need someone by your side, you have to try to take it seriously with a lady, and you will end up being loved and happy.


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