Do you feel that you have let someone who you felt was for you. Find out if you have met your better half at the wrong time.

Sometimes fate, chance or coincidences -or causalities- make us meet the right person at the right time. And that is one of the great magic of love.

But on other occasions, you may meet a person who you consider perfect for you, at the wrong time: when you are in a relationship, you are about to move to another country, or you are going through a complicated personal situation.

Although for some people no circumstance is so permanent as to let such a person pass, for others it becomes impossible and they end up deciding to see how that “ideal” moves away from their lives for who knows when. Has something similar ever happened to you? Do you feel that you have let someone who you felt was for you? Read these signs that could indicate that you met the love of your life at the wrong time.

1. When you like him but he keeps on talking about his past.

There are people who are not so aware that there is something that they have not solved yet and want to build a couple anyway. Maybe something similar happened to you; You liked that person a lot, but he constantly spoke again and again about his past and ended up becoming something heavy for you. Again: there is nothing permanent; sometimes time is the best friend. If that person was for you, it is not bad that he had the possibility to heal that without you by his side for, who tells you, to meet again in the future from another place.

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2. When you like him, but there is a huge difference in your ages.

You met someone you loved, but the age difference between the two was very big and at that moment you decided that it was not the best. Maybe today you think you should have cheered up, but you should keep in mind that there are moments and moments.

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If at that stage you decided no, surely it was for something. Anyway, that does not exclude that you can give yourself a chance again.

3. When you like him, but he is already in a relationship with someone else.

This is one of the most frequent signs. You know someone you love, with whom you feel good, but you or that person are in a relationship and although they feel the same, it is complicated. You may have decided at that time that walking away was the best way to not harm anyone, but that does not mean that on another occasion the opportunity to unleash love will not be generated again, in other more sincere conditions.


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