Sometimes it’s hard to know if a girl you’ve never talked to before likes you. You might have an idea that she’s interested, but if you want to be certain, watch for some tell tale signs.

Then, when the moment is right, strike a conversation to get to know her better!

1.. Pay attention when she’s around. If you two haven’t met yet, and this girl likes you, then she may stare at you and smile to get your attention. Make sure you smile back, and watch her reaction. Shy girls may blush and outgoing girls may smile back. You’re basically engaging in a little flirting.

2.. Watch her body language. Does her face turn red when around you? She might stare at you for a long time, and smile when you look. Maybe when you look at her, she looks quickly away. These signs may mean she likes you. She may also look nervous because she has butterflies, meaning she likes you.

3..See if she gets clumsy near you. If you notice she seems to drop things when she’s near you, that could be a sign she likes you. It could indicate she gets nervous when she’s near you, causing her to drop things or be a bit clumsier.

4.. Ask your friends what they think. Your friends may have heard whether the person likes you or not. Even if they haven’t, they’ll probably be better at guessing than you are. That’s only because when it’s you in the situation, you have a harder time stepping back and analyzing it, and you may feel a little self-conscious thinking about a girl liking you. Therefore, asking a good friend can help you analyze the situation better.

5.. Watch for signs on social media. One way to see if a girl likes you is to watch how she treats you on social media. Of course, you first need to friend her. Once you do, watch how she interacts with you. If she seems to pay extra attention to you, she may like you. For instance, maybe she “likes” everything you post or tags you in a number of her posts. For instance, if she writes “Cute!” on a selfie you posted, it may be she’s flirting with you.


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