Dancehall craftsman, Shatta Wale had increased his contention on the most disputable subject in Ghana; the #FixTheCountry lobby. He had discharge a new melody to repeat his position on the matter by contending that the change the adolescent longing lies in themselves and not with the government officials. Convincingly, Shatta Wale raises a few suspicions as he addressed why savage power would need to be applied in our requests for a superior Ghana. In the track named “Imagine a scenario in which” and created by Raindrops and Mr. Rationale, the dancehall artiste focused on that it’s a two-way side to fixing the country. He referenced that however much the young anticipate a fix by the public authority, they similarly need to fix themselves and beleive they have the appropriate responses they look for from the public authority. He asked “consider the possibility that legislators don’t beleive in us. Imagine a scenario in which they say no, and we say yes. The region will be wrecked.” “Consider the possibility that I say you need to fix yourself before the nation could be fixed. Beleive in yourself,” a segment of his verses read [but in Jamaican Patois]. Shatta Wale seemingly has been a lot of steady about his contention that the Ghanaian dependence on the public authority is the significant obstacle for improvement. His groan yesterday via online media that the mission by the #FixTheCountry campaigners had been initiated by mentally untrustworthy people, whom he felt knows better. Yet, the responses to his case had been exceptionally undesirable. It very well may be for which reason, that he places his contention in a tune so individuals could see the value in it much better.  


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