Today has seen the ruler of the Shatta Movement in a tough situation subsequent to making a few inconsistencies with respect to the mission of the adolescent in fixing the country. I’m certain the vast majority of you recall the little misjudging he had with Arnold on the “United Showbiz” on United Television.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 54ede1123f474c63b323e38323bc34e0 He simply wasn’t going to acknowledge the remarks passed about him by Arnold about him being a confounded craftsman. Indeed, today has seen the web slamming him discussing the way that there was not a solitary lie in the words Arnold articulated. Some savaged Arnold after Shatta Wale dominated him during the show discussing the way that he wore cheap things and all that yet then, at that point, they appear to have lamented on not accepting reality earlier on.
Charles Nii Armah Mensah has been on the Ghanaian trend list since morning and taking a gander at the tweets being aimed at him, you can gather that numerous individuals are angry and disappointed in him. Others are likewise discussing the way that never are they disillusioned on the grounds that they have consistently sided he being a befuddled craftsman from the beginning of his vocation even before Arnold’s assertion. How about we investigate what Shatta Wale said which has got him in a tight spot.
He previously came to tell the adolescent that the issue Ghana is confronting can be ascribed to them. He asserted the young has consistently been hesitant and has never ascended to battle for their privileges. He asserted the conduct of individuals composing their issues online is never under any circumstance going to tackle the issues in the country. OK, this was surely known.
Presently, after the adolescent went on to propose their necessities to the specialists of the nation by starting the “Fix the nation” crusade, a similar Shatta Wale has come out with a tweet censuring them for doing as such. He guarantees those discussing the specialists fixing the nation are completely taught tricks and frustrated alumni. He likewise went on to discuss they being modest masterminds. How might you tell an individual that he is an informed simpleton subsequent to coming to discuss the young spreading the word about their aims? It resembles advising somebody to do something and pivoting to tell the individual that he is an idiot after he did what you were discussing. This logical inconsistency has got individuals accepting that he has consistently been confounded and reliably conflicting actually like Arnold Baidoo was saying. After this tweet landed, individuals then, at that point asked him for what reason then, at that point did he come out to advise the adolescent to apply activity in their doings or their voices won’t ever be heard? This is made a ton of to and fro over the web. Some are asking him that if his close family member or a Nima kid had chance in the Ejura occurrence (may the spirits of the casualties find happiness in the hereafter), would he have come out to advise them to quit requesting for equity by hitting the roads? Today has seen some SM fans disillusioned in their ruler. Conjecture they were expecting better from him yet he has come out to disclose to them that he never thought about them as fans. Envision the torment that accompanies acknowledging you have been following an individual who never remembered you as a fan from the very first moment. This is what’s going on, this is the reason he is moving. It appears Shatta Wale just can’t adjust his words as one. They will in general cover and the web-based media is never lenient him for that.


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