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Even though we are just halfway through the year, 2021 has been a year of many murders in Ghana. Many attractive and innocent women were tragically murdered by their boyfriends for no apparent reason.

Did they have to end a life even though they had good reasons? Today, we recall those women who died as a result of dating weird boyfriends.

1. Georgina Lawini

This incident happened in Bronyibima where a jilted boyfriend decided to end the life of his partner because he thought she was cheating on him. Emmanuel Kwakye was a 45 taxi driver and also the suspect. Emmanuel realizing the degree of murder he committed, decided to evade the law by committing suicide as well. His lifeless body was seen hanging on a tree at Bronyibima Municipal Assembly school.

2. Juliet Obu.

Juliet died an untimely death when her partner, Shatta, took her life because another boy had purchased her Techno camon 15 mobile phone. Shatta suspected Juliet of betraying her and vowed to punish her by taking her life.

3.Harriet Kafui Ahiati

On March 23, 2021, a similar incident occurred in Ghana’s Volta region. After murdering his girlfriend Harriet Kafui, the perpetrator Jay Dordorye attempted suicide by slitting his throat and stabbing himself in the stomach several times. He did not die, unfortunately, since he was rushed to the Volta regional hospital right away. The true cause of this tragic news was never revealed.

4. Abigail Larbi

It happened in Ghana’s Eastern zone, specifically in Onakwase. In the person of Isaac, the suspect was said to be 24 years old. Because of a simple misunderstanding, Isaac killed his wife, who was thought to be in her twenties.

The deceased had two children, but Isaac was unconcerned about this and simply took her life. He thought he’d never be caught when he left Eastern for Accra on that fateful day, but Ghana police did their job and apprehended him in Madina.

5. Elizabeth Yesutor

She was a level 300 student at Evangelical Presbyterian University College. Her boyfriend Phillip Ceasar Kumah was also a deputy director of the Youth Employment Agency. Elizabeth met her untimely death when her boyfriend of 31 years old descended some blows on her causing her to die. The suspect was arrested by the police, and it was later rumored he applied for a bail.


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