In this 21st Century, relationship and dating has become very common. Many relationships break up because of cheating. Although both sexes cheats but usually ladies still forgive their men.

However men find it difficult to forgive a cheating girlfriend or spouse. Below are some of the reasons why men find it difficult to forgive cheating wives.

1. It bruises a man’s ego and makes them feels less of a man: Men usually see cheating as a sign of disrespect and brings down their ego as men. This makes it difficult for them to forgive a cheating girlfriend or spouse.

2. Men see cheating as a sign of rejection: Because, when a women sleeps with someone else, she is definitely into that person and indirectly she has rejected you, the pain is more on the rejection than the thrusting. Women see sex and emotional attachment as love , so the moment she cheats on a man, you can consider her gone.

3. Disease infection, Badluck and Curse:

In typical African setting, a virtuous ladies are considered to be pure and gods-like. One of the situations that makes them bring bad luck, sickness and death is sleeping with another man. Men in Africa strongly believe that a cheating lady will bring bad luck and Curse to them.

4.3.Because of Paternity Confusion:
When a cheating woman gets pregnant for the other guy, she might ended up hooking it upon the neck of her man. Because a lady will bring another man’s baby for you as a man to cater for the rest of your life. Men usually hate to accept pregnancy that are not theirs. it therefore becomes difficult for men to forgive them when they catch them cheating.

5. Scientific Reason or Natural Cause:

In most mammalian societies most males will fight and kill each other over females eg lions do it all the time. Females hardly fight and kill each other over males. Men are extremely territorial, women can also be but the desire for men to keep their territories is much stronger. I guess God/nature made it so.


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