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Vivian is thirteen years girl who stays at Diaso. She lives with her stepmother. Vivian has be arrested today by the police for throwing her underwear into a polytank full of water.

Report shows that, early at dawn today, 22 March, 2021, Vivian’s stepmother woke her up from the bed and insisted her to go for money from her father who lives at a town next to Diaso. Vivian was not happy for what her stepmother told her that she should go to her father for money because, she knew she will be late for school. Vivian told her stepmother that on Mondays she doesn’t like to be going to school late. So she rather requested money from her stepmother, instead of going to her father. Vivian’s stepmother became furious at her saying that, “did I gave birth to you? Do you think I’m a fool to be giving you money at all times while your mother is elsewhere? If you can’t go to your father for money then I don’t have any money for you to school!”

Vivian didn’t retort, when finished preparing for school at around 6:45am, she went to his father for money. But the fact is that, when she got to her father who lives at another town next to Diaso, her father told her to come back to her stepmother for money because he gave her money on Sunday, 21 March to keep both of them for the whole week. Vivian decided never to come back to her stepmother because she is even late for school. She insisted her father to give her even the little amount he has. Her father exclaimed loudly at her saying, “I said go to your stepmother!” Vivian had no option so she came back to her stepmother for money.

When she came back to her stepmother, and having told her stepmother to give her money, her stepmother said to beat her if she dares open her mouth and repeat what she requested. “Your father has not given me any money to give you, so go to your father”, her stepmother added. Vivian saw that her stepmother is playing games with her so she decided to go to her stepmother’s bag and collect any money she finds in it. She found twenty cedis in her stepmother’s bag and took it without seeking permission.

When Vivian’s stepmother saw that Vivian is holding money in her hands, she quickly approached her and gave her a hot slap. With the pain Vivian was having on her face, she immediately undressed her school uniforms and threw them on the ground. But finally, Vivian removed her underwear, climbed the ladder on her stepmother’s polytank and threw it into the polytank which was full of water that her stepmother sells to her neighbours.

Vivian stepmother called the police into the scene and arrested Vivian for throwing her underwear into the polytank. Both of them are in the police station right now. I don’t know what will be done to Vivian for doing that.

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