Just when we thought Eugene Osafo Nkansah’s issue with women was ended, filmmaker Kobi Rana dropped a bombshell of another long list of women he had slept with.

Kobi Rana slammed Eugene Osafo Nkansah alias Nkonkonsa for a caption he put on a screenshot of Kobi Rana’s comments about Ghanaian MPs wasting time praying about g@y issues in Ghana when more important matters needed their attention.

Nkonkonsa‘s caption prompted Kobi’s response: “Filmmaker and Entertainer Kobi Rana slams Ghanaian authorities for praying against Ghana’s LGBTI population,”

In response, Kobi Rana, who was visibly irritated by the article, accused Nkonkonsah of l!cking the bortos of men and having a lengthy chain of side chicks in addition to his wife.

Eugene chose to delete the remarks, but that didn’t stop Kobi Rana from posting more on his Instagram page.

Remember when Nkonkonsah was all over the news a few weeks ago after TV personality and mental health advocate Abena Korkor disclosed his name as one of the guys she had intimate contact with during one of her bipolar illness episodes? Abena Korkor went on to allege that Eugene’s wife Victoria Lebene was suffering as a result of his womanizing.

Eugene who couldn’t take the shame anymore wrote a very long emotional letter to his wife apologizing for his insensitivity.

See screenshots below;

Rana post


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