Professor Kwame Addo, this Visionary is an incredible character from Ghana has accomplished such a great amount at the worldwide level.

A portion of his significant accomplishments incorporate the plan of the 190EMercedes Benz vehicle which is utilized around the world, the structural plan of the BBVA Bank base camp and the Colombian dedicatory cash note for the disclosure of the Americas, however his inventiveness has no restriction!… he is a handyman a craftsman, planner, draftsman, artist, visualizer, communicator to make reference to a couple.

He composed the book “Changes” with serious experience because of his relationship with the previous President and his family

J.J Rwalings

CHANGES’ the Beginning of an Upset, recounts the tale of Ghana’s June fourth 1979 unrest and the occasions straightforwardly identified with it. Since it isn’t intended to be a point by point account, it clearly doesn’t cover each part of the story. It just attempts to put it down for our recognition.

It uncovers an African uprising caught ‘progressively’ (1979) by Kwame Addo, a craftsman, as the mainland keeps on rediscovering the genuine quintessence of its majority rule government; helping us to remember individuals’ capacity and their craving to make due in a free, just and responsible society. This canny outlined archive is ideal and enlightening in the wake of hatching for a very long time. The A4 size, 34 pages comic configuration, shrouded in a spellbinding semi hard cover is accessible in English, French and Spanish.


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