1. Relationship

With the bar set high in the society, it’s hard getting through the hearts of these women who are obsessed with tall men. You need to have something extra to woo that woman. It’s hard for us guys out there. We are not easily noticed. We just exist and are made bros by these ladies. Inauma lakini inabidi tuzoee.

2. Clubbing

If you haven’t been bullied by those buff bouncers you don’t know the pain of being a short man. We have to show our IDs cause they always think of us as underage.

If you don’t have one woe unto you. It’s worse for the non beard gang. You resemble an overgrown kid.

3. Career-wise

Some careers are really not for short men in the society. From joining the army to joining the police force. These type of jobs require you to be in the tall bracket of men in the society. Also in the field of journalism, more so as a TV presenter, short men are not lucky in this.

4. Job promotion

Height has much to do with a man getting a job promotion. Short men slowly climb the managerial ladder compared to the tall ones. The taller the man the more authoritative he seems to be. Height is relative to the role you get in the work place.

5. Clothing

Finding a nice fitting outfit is usually a daunting task for a short man. Most of the time a person is forced to get an outfit and resize it. This means you will end up spending more than you budgeted


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