Versatile Ghanaian musician and old friend of Shatta Wale and also a member of the SM Militants Pope Skinny says he thinks Shatta Wale is not happy Burna Boy is not helping him back.

Shatta Wale and Burna Boy were once like brothers in the music scene anything Burna is in the country he used to be with him.

Pope Skinny explain how Shatta Wale and Burna Boy was best friends in the music scene.

He addressed how Burna Boy hit Shatta Wale up and came down to Ghana just to take in specific ways of life from him.

Pope Skinny said:

“I feel say epain Wale small say as Burna Boy go so like now, he for watch his back and say oh charlie Wale too be my guy o, now I dey fit go meet Justin Bieber, I dey fit go Grammys and co so, make I introduce my guy too (Shatta Wale). That be what Africans we no know do.”


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