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Why women live longer than men?

It is a well-known fact that women tend to outlive men. In relation to other factors that account for women living healthier and longer than men, men tend to abuse their bodies more than women.

There are certain behaviors which are encouraged or accepted more in men than in women in our society for example, using guns, being adventurous and acting unafraid, working at hazardous jobs, drinking alcohol and even smoking.

For example just take a look at the pictures of some the hazardous activities men do, they just put themselves in harm’s way and it’s quite evident a slight mistake will account for a tragedy. But funny enough they seem to be enjoying it and can’t seem to get enough.

Below are some pictures of that depicts some hazardous behaviors men indulge in:

It’s somehow funny looking at these dangerous activities that men do in the pictures above, but still it’s a dangerous gamble that one’s life depends on but these men just can seem to realize and understand that.

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