On Twitter, a guy in Ghana known as Big Picture with the handle @wony3 nyame stated that Rakuya Case Hakim, also known as Red Devil, was a friend of his.

Hakim is the prime suspect in the June 14, 2021 bullion van heist in Korle Bu, and he has been proclaimed sought by the police for robbery and the murder of Emmanuel Osei and Joyce Amankwa.
According to @wony3 nyame, Hakim was a buddy of his at Mamobi and was recognized by everybody as a very wealthy young guy, despite the fact that no one knew what he did for a profession.

Hakim the Red Devil, according to the gentleman, owns homes, hefty gold chains, and a fleet of automobiles, including a Mercedes Benz CL42 and a Range Rover Velar.

In his own words:

The bullion van robber was my friend in Mamobi, I can say the youngest richest in my hood, no one knows what work he does, owns mansion, owns Range Rover velar and Mercedes Benz CL42 and heavy gold chainz



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