Guys Never do these things to impress your girlfriend no matter how much you love her

1. Being too nice or too rude to other people. Being too nice usually doesn’t impress anyone and makes you look disloyal and fake. Just be nice enough or actually, just be yourself. Being too mean to other people also makes you look bad. Some people like it when you’re mean to everyone else other than them but if you take it too far, it’s the worst

2. Abandon your own opinions

Again, pop culture has perpetuated the myth that men should agree with everything a woman says in order to avoid conflict. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life,” right? While it doesn’t hurt to be conciliatory sometimes, you should never lose your voice. You deserve to share your thoughts and impressions about life, and women deserve the opportunity to consider and respond to your perspective.Having your own opinion is a basic right. It is a window into your values and beliefs and your potential partner should be given the chance to make an informed decision about who you are. If you dumb down your opinions to impress a woman, she won’t have a full understanding of where you stand on specific things. Even if it’s just an opinion about which restaurant has the best buffalo wings in town, speak up!

3. High effort snaps. When you leave someone open for 2 minutes and snap back with a bomb selfie, we know you took your time to look the best. Part of love is seeing each other at weird selfie angles and bad pics. So stop camera fishing.

4. Buy Her Affection

When you are excited about a woman, there’s nothing wrong with surprising her with a few gifts. She will appreciate the attention and you will have shown her that she means something special to you. A few nice gestures can really go a long way, especially if they come from the heart.

That being said, you don’t want to go broke trying to win a woman over. If she’s asking you to help pay off her student loans, wants to be taken out for expensive dinners, and is constantly in need of a new pair of shoes, she might be taking advantage of you. It’s never good to try to impress someone with your wallet

4. Pretending like you’re tough. We all know you’ve never “beat the sh!t out of” anyone. And even if you did, it’s probably a sibling or some kid who’s 5 inches shorter than you. So stop fake sizing people up and making stories up in front of your girl. We all know that’s all cap

Faking an accent. (this only applies if you don’t originally have that accent). You might think it’s cool to pull up to the first date like “ayy girl you lookin fine as hell up in this bih” but you can’t just fake an accent forever. It’s gonna show at some point and you’ll look dumb. This kinda relates to the last one because some people fake having a “hood accent” to look tougher. They look so stupid doing it.


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