Mzbel, actual name Belinda Ekua Amoah, a Ghanaian vocalist, has exposed her raw goods in a video as she prays for ex-President John Mahama to return to power.

Mzbel is shown in a red see-through nightgown, facing a mirror, and singing the words of Kidi’s “Touch It” while she films the video.

At one point in the film, she says, “I’m coming to dance for Mahama so that Ghanaians may get news,” and she decides to focus her camera on a portrait photo of the Ex-President in her room.

“One and only President, after you there will nobody” she added and then transitioned into prayer mood where she could be heard praying that “wake up and come for your seat, come and take your seat from Akufo Addo, your children are calling you”.

Mzbel continued that

“Ghana is calling you” before deciding to pray in tongues even though she has made it known that she doesn’t believe in Christianity.



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