The fact that women are generally skeptical of the lies men speak is one of the greatest anxieties when dealing with men. Men lie a lot, which is general knowledge among women. A man can concoct any kind of falsehood to get between the legs of a lady he admires.

They often don’t give a damn about the consequences of their falsehoods or the emotional impact they may have on the lady; as long as they get what they want, the means have justified the goal.

Even though more and more women are becoming wiser and only take men with a grain of salt these days, they still fall for the smooth, sweet-talking men who sweep them off their feet so quickly that they let down their guard and the men have them eating from the palm of their hands before they even realize it. Here are six “big lies” that men say in order to attract women.

1.I am not married. This is possibly the most common lie that males say. Many married or engaged men lie about their marital or relationship status in order to make the lady feel comfortable enough to invest their heart and emotions in the relationship.They finally learn the man has been lying all along after they are already neck-deep in the relationship.
2. a financial investmentThis is a lie that men enjoy as well. They exaggerate their financial prowess to give the idea that all of the woman’s financial and material requirements will be covered. They would lie about their income and how much they make in order for the woman to feel secure in her financial situation. The story changes after they get the woman into bed a couple of times.

3ยท. I’m working late tonight. Another common lie you’ll hear most men utter anytime a new side girl enters the picture is this one. Of course, the plan is to leave work as early as 5 p.m. and spend the rest of the evening in another woman’s arms. When his wife or the solid woman in his life inquires, “Why aren’t you home yet?” “I’m working late tonight,” is a ready-made response. If you look into it more, you’ll discover that he’s working late and hard, but outside of the workplace, he’s relaxing with a side woman.

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