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Being a footballer comes with lots of rewards and fame but the only down side that usually has a significant effect on these footballer’s career is when they encounter an unexpected tackles which later call for unfortunate suffering and long term of staying at home without being on the pitch to represent their teams.

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One of the most popularly known individuals around the world are football stars as to put their souls on display whenever they are given the opportunity to play against any opponent within a tournament and just to mention but a few.

The story of this popularly known Senegalese footballer isn’t different as he had to stay away from his career after suffering a minor injury.

Adam Jean Piere unexpectedly suffered a ligament injury and was to undergo surgery in 1982.

Unfortunately, an error from his Anesthetist led him into an unexpected coma because his brain was starved of oxygen.

With respect to this, his wife, Bernadette Adams has been catering for his needs since 1982.

However, the Anesthetic and trainee were given one month suspended sentences and $815 fine.

Surprisingly, Mrs Adams has refused to consider euthanasia.

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