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If you ever thought that bathing is a way of keeping your body clean and beautiful, you probably might be getting it wrong from the perspective of the Himba tribe in Namibia. Have imagined yourself not bathing for so many years and still looking clean and beautiful?

The Himba are indigenous people with an estimated population of about 50, 000 people living in northern Namibia and some parts of southern Angola. These people are predominantly livestock farmers. Because of the harsh desert climate in the Region.

The African continent is a home to diverse cultures and tribes. Some of these cultures still hold a strong key to their ancestors since they have refused to diffuse into modernity. For some reasons, the Himba people have not taken water as an agent of cleanliness.

But rather prefer a rock called ochre and butter. This ochre rock is grinded into powder the missed with homemade butter and then applied to the body. The reason for applying this mixture is to keep their bodies red and shiny. The same mixture is applied on their hair to it shiny and beautiful too.

But how do they also prevent their body parts like the armpit from smelling? Well, these people are unique in a way and very creative too. Due to their creativity, they have discovered barks of some tress with nice scent which they put on fire to have what they called smoke shower. So they make sure the smoke gets to the armpit area and they also make sure they sit slightly on the smoke that comes out to drive away any odor from the anus and the genital areas as well. As the smoke passes over you, your body looks so fresh like somebody who has applied normal perfume. And these people are living there happily.

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