After being found in the act of having sex with her pastor by her husband in Zambia, a pregnant wife simply known as Martha has been traded on the internet for the past twenty-four hours. Martha is a Zambian woman.

In the footage, the husband’s reaction to the act is seen to be one of complete devastation, and he can be heard crying out his wife’s name and repeating it over and over again.

In addition to this, the woman had to make an effort to conceal the fact that she was naked and prevent her husband from taking a picture of the scene. She begged and pleaded with her husband, but she was well aware that their efforts would be in vain.

The video has been viewed millions of times on social media platforms, and many people have voiced their disgust at the behavior of the woman, who opted to cheat on her husband while she was far along in her pregnancy.

One of the news outlets in Zambia has made the claim that what we witnessed in the video is a traditional ceremony that is known in Lozi as “Mupiki.”

This is the place where a lady performs rituals in order to utilize an unborn child in order to become wealthy and get a great deal of favor. The majority of Congolese people engage in this practice.

Take a look at the screenshots that are provided below for further information.

Martha, Zambia

Martha, Zambia

Meanwhile, other individuals on social media have expressed their belief that Martha’s sexual encounter with her pastor had nothing to do with any rites.

This group of people believes that it is a form of sexual fantasy in the same vein as femdom, dormino, and bdsm. Because of the scent of the candles, which stimulates sexual hormones and makes people feel hornier, we may conclude that this is nothing more than sexual fetishism.


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