Marriage is a union of a man and a woman in holy matrimony, as the good book, the bible
has said, “for this reason, a man shall leave his mother and his father and cling unto his wife
and they shall become one flesh.

Marriage, Men, women
This is the foundation of all marriages, that a man will join himself with a woman and they will
leave together as a couple.

Over the years and decades, almost all tribes and races have
followed this system that when a male child is born and he comes of age when he turns
into an adult, his parents would be expecting him to get married.

Marriage has not only been about the man taking a woman to be his wife alone but it also is
the setting where man’s job of continuing procreation takes place, so marriage is very
important in our society.

Over the years, when it comes to marriage, almost everybody looks at the man and asks the
the question, “Is he ready”, “does he have what it takes to marry”, ” does he have the means to take care of the woman he is marrying” and a lot of questions.

But shocking enough, it’s not common for you to see people also trying to find out if the lady
too has what it takes to marry, does she have the capability to take care of the man, and as
the bible said that the woman is a help meet for the man, this means can this lady help this
man in any way to achieve his God-given task on this earth, can she help him, to able to
fulfill his destiny?.

Well the list may go on and on and on, so let’s go straight and see some things all men wish a
a woman should have before coming into the marriage


Marriage, Men, womenMost women are not that much mature when it comes to dealing with a
man, mostly they(women) think they need to be understood, by all means, all things should go
in their favor, most women even think men should neglect themselves and their families just
because they are with them(women).

But this is not so, a woman being mature means she can differentiate between
selfishness and selflessness, care and duty,
When a woman is mature she can realize that the man is someone who also needs
care and attention and deserves to be treated as such.


Marriage, Men, women

One thing every man needs the most is advice and good counsel, a man in all his doings
need someone to give him sound advice about his actions, advice that will help to stay on the
right track, advice that will give him wisdom, advice to draw him away from following “foolish”

There is a “fool” in every man and there is a “king” in every man.
When a man gets a woman with the wisdom she can speak to the “king” in him but when
a man lives with a woman without wisdom, she speaks to the “fool” in him and this is what makes the difference in the man’s life, as to whether he would make it in life or not, whether he
would be happy in the marriage or not.


An impatient woman will always cause her husband to make bad mistakes in life, her haste
to have things done, her intolerance and inability to take her time will distract the man from his course, men need time to do everything they are doing.

A man needs a patient woman who takes her time when demanding from the man. Also in
hard situations, a man needs a woman who can wait, take her time, and let the man sort
things out.

A man needs a woman who can put her thoughts and emotions in order, a woman who
is stable and mostly somehow knows what she needs and how she has to go about things.
Most women can’t even feed themselves, stability also comes in the form of financial
freedom being able to provide for yourself to a certain level, as a matter of fact, a woman
going to marry a man should be working, all men with the woman they marry have some
form of income generation and this forms part of her stability, her ability to support herself and even help the man.

Yes, a woman’s job is also to help her man with her resources, mostly money.

So a woman going to marry a man must have
Emotional stability
Mental stability
Financial stability. This enables her to serve her purpose in the marriage which is to help the man.

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