No one is prepared to be left talking to himself, it is difficult not to be offended when you are ignored. Surely you think that if he leaves you in sight, he is not interested in you. But it’s not always like this. Here we explain the 5 most common reasons why a woman ignores you for messages.

1. The conversation has no purpose

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It is a big mistake to start a conversation without a goal. If you write to get a date, you should focus and ask for it. You have a better chance of getting their attention if you are direct and frank. In this way, she will feel more committed to answering you, at least to make it clear if she is not interested.

2. You say very childish things

Most girls are comfortable talking to men who have a good sense of humor, but beware: not everything can be funny. You must watch what you say and focus on interesting topics. If it’s all a joke, he won’t take you seriously. If you are not at the same intellectual level and you assume a 15 year old attitude, he will surely get bored easily and choose not to write anymore.

3. She is bored

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You are probably wondering: why does he speak to me first and leave me in sight ?. Maybe it’s because they don’t have anything new to talk about. If your conversations are always the same, she won’t want to waste time on the same thing. As advice, try writing to her at a time when she is unoccupied and tell her a story, ask her about her job, invite her to a special place or tell her a new and fun anecdote. If you get her used to always having new topics, she will want to talk to you every day.

4. You don’t give her enough space

Leaving you in sight does not necessarily imply that he does not care at all. Something simpler is possible: perhaps you write to her when she is busy with her work, for example. In these cases, the best you can do is understand. Give her space, allow her to distance herself, talk to other people, and go about his business. If you press it all the time, you will make it disappear completely.

Do not send her one message after another, much less claim her. In fact, ignoring it for a while can be quite effective. If she is interested in you, she will seek you out and appreciate your easygoing guy attitude.

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5. You desperately send her messages

If when she is encouraged to answer a message, you get so excited that you send her too many messages, you will end up overwhelming her. Avoid it at all costs. That attitude makes you look like a desperate person. Writing more won’t get their attention. You will scare her away by showing yourself so dependent and needy. Women feel much better when they interact with confident men who take care of their own lives and do not need the attention of others to feel better.

If you display a balanced, respectful, and reasonable demeanor, she will appreciate your attitude and be more motivated to serve you. He may even give you an explanation of the time it took her to answer you.

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