A lot of things are happening in this world, which we often find difficult to comprehend. Marriage is a lifetime bond which should be handled with care.

It will mainly depend on how their marriage turns out between each other. People would normally say that women do it for money, not love. The roles have been reversed and it is a boy who married a woman 20 years older than him.

Nowadays, there are lot of marriages that has left people wondering. Indeed, there are so many young men who marry women much older than them.

Can we call it love or marriage for wealth? But if there is love and respect for each other without looking at the age difference, it can work.

The woman reportedly had to settle for the boy who is 20 years old younger than her because she needs to conceive which didn’t happened for her in her first marriage.

Contrary to what people said that the boy married her because of her wealth, that is not true at all because it was indeed the lady who made advances to him before he was able to get her pregnant and they agreed to get married.

The most recent one that broke the internet is that of Nollywood’s most popular actress and one of the Nigerian billionaires, Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko.

Everyone had a say in her marriage to a man over 40 years older than her. People said she married him because of his wealth. As the saying always goes, many people have said “age is just a number”.

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