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It is said that, it normally becomes difficult for ladies to get husbands or men to marry them when they are over the ages of 37 years, as such most ladies at age 25 to their 30’s pray hard for husbands.

In today’s article, it was reported that a lady walks on the street with a written cardboard beginning men to marry her.

After taking to the streets to beg for a man to marry her, a Kenyan lady became the talk of the town.

newslite1618132112068 - Lotto For All Men:A Woman Was Seen On The Streets Begging Men To Marry Her

The public’s attention was drawn to the placard in her possession, which stated her terms of engagement.

The desperate Lucy Chemutai stated on the placard that she was interested in any man, regardless of his physical appearance or financial status.

The Eldoret resident’s most significant request agreed the man agree to settle down and start a family.

So ladies and gentlemen what is your view on the lady action or decision to get herself a husband?


  1. Her SMV sexual market value is low due to her age and looks or lack of thereof.
    Women SMV is high between 18-27,
    28-35 they are in the danger zone-
    36-60 they are in no man’s land.
    Men’s SMV increases with age as they stride into their prime earning years, 30 to 45-ish. A man can marry at any age and will be looking for youth, fertility, etc. A lady is looking for a man who can provide and protect.
    Ladies waste their youth riding the cock carousel since they are now sexually liberated by western cult of vile feminism. If they don’t lock down a man in their early 20’s, they will follow this in the streets.


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