Versatile Ghanaian artiste and sound engineer, Young Chorus was recently interviewed on the ShowBiz Arena show on Sradio5 where he revealed that popular Ghanaian actor and musician Lil Win has never helped him.

In an interview with Kofi Maya on Sradio5 ShowBiz Arena entertainment show, Young Chorus denied all gossips and cleared they air between he and Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win.

Speaking to the host Kofi Maya, Young Chorus said, Lil Win has never helped me in anyway, when it comes to my music career i have never benefited from Lil Win, the truth they say is always hard to believe but the real thing is i don’t have any problem with Lil Win i really like him but i regret working with him.

When Young Chorus was asked about contract and management deal from Lil Win.

He said, i was never under any contract or any management deal from Weezy Empire, Lil Win just used me for his own fame.He is very selfish and all that he think about is himself, i used to write songs for Lil Win and he neve ever think of helping me to get something from the music am doing.

Young Chorus Continue by saying; If Lil Win changes his mind and ready to sign me or give me any help i will never accept. It really pains me for dedicating all my life to his music career and he Lil Win never helped me in anything, i have nothing to say i leave all to the Almighty.


  1. As for me I know how this guy Kwadwo Nkansah is. As for him all those working with him has leave him alone. And Young Chorus might have been leave him alone long time. Because is through him that Young Chorus has still not rise. And I believe as he has now leave him alone he rise this year by God’s name


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