Ghanaian actor and musician, Lil Win has had it up to his neck and couldn’t care less that there were cameras on him and he isn’t meant to be rude.

He has said unequivocally what is on his mind and what his feelings are regarding his alleged love involvement with fellow actress Sandra Ababio.

Lil Win said he is weary of Ghanaians inciting conflict where there is none to begin with.

When the cameras met up with Lil Win during a funeral, they had to bring Sandra’s name into the conversation.

He was questioned if he has or has ever had intimate relationships with the attractive face actress. Lil warned the interviewer not to ask him dumb questions.

He went on to say that people would always push their noses where they didn’t belong, and that even if he gave a stranger a ride, people would believe he was sleeping with that person. That is all Ghanaians know how to do, according to him.


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