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It is alright for someone to die of AIDS but it is not alright for a person to die of ignorance. When HIV first began to show up in the world, we did not understand how well the virus works but now we understand its behaviour. We know about its transition, mutation amongst others.

In the early weeks after becoming infected with this deadly disease (HIV), it is mutual for some people to be without symptoms. Many people may have mild flu-like symptoms, which includes fever, headache and lack of energy. We should not forget that often these symptoms go missing within a few weeks. Strangely enough, it may take many years, for example, 10 years for more severe warnings to appear.

Now let us address skin problems. People who have contracted HIV experience rash and this is the most common symptom of HIV. When this happens their skin can become extremely sensitive to sunlight and irritants. How do we recognize a rash? Simply put a rash may be seen as a flat red patch with small bumps, and skin may become flaky. Sores may form on the skin in the mouth, around the genitals and butt and it may be difficult to treat.

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Do you know that we all have lymph nodes distributed throughout our bodies? Our lymph nodes fend off infections by storing immune cells and filtering for harmful substances. As the HIV infection begins to spread, the immune system works more and this result in enlarged lymph nodes which others call swollen glands.

newslite1619530834853 - If You Notice These 3 Signs In Your Body, You Might Be HIV/AIDS Positive

A person with HIV may experience extreme night sweats. By extreme, I mean soaking wet pillow. This can be linked to long periods of low-grade fever which is a symptom of HIV.

The most essential thing is getting tested. One only way to know for sure if a person has HIV is to get tested.

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