Ibrah One was supposedly mad in the viral video and it was outside Ghana because the language used in the video was neither English nor any of our local languages and a few hours after that made a cryptic post saying you should lift your head high and your middle finger higher

He also mad another post on Instagram which says “Don’t decieved by what you see on the internet, we have good makeup artist who can vhange peoples look. Indians also use the Internet to creat what they want.”

Ibrah One in a supposed chat with a blogger debunked the rumors of being mad outside Ghana saying he’s not the one and the video is fake and we have no other option than to believe him because the video wasn’t clear enough to confirm he was the one.


Some people think Ibrah One is mad because of the kind of posts he makes on social media hence seeing the video of he supposedly being mad wasn’t surprising and now he’s claiming he’s not the one in the video and that video is actually fake


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