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I am a 28 years old woman who lives in Kumasi and I am a Businesswoman. I was born and raised in Kwadaso in the Ashanti Region. I am currently living in Kumasi-Mamponteng because of my job. I’m a married woman with one (1) child.

After I got married to my husband life became very hard for us. During that period I had my first child. And the hardship became tougher to the extent that what we will eat was a problem.

My husband came to me one day and told me he has a friend who is ready to help him overcome his financial challenges. They went to see a priest who will do everything for them.

I asked him if is about money rituals and he told me, yes, from there I was very afraid. He even added the priest is demanding a womb before he can do everything for him. I told him if this is what will make us rich then we should live in our poverty.

Life became very hard until one day I told him am ready to sacrifice my womb for the money rituals since I already have one child. We did it and the money started coming. Three years now and we are filthy rich. Now my husband wants to marry another woman who can give him a child Since I can’t give birth and threaten to break up with me if I don’t agree.

Now I am very confused about what to do either I should accept or break up with him and live with him only child since I have money to cater to myself and my child.

Please I need your opinion and was it to sacrifice my womb.

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