Award winning Ghanaian female rapper Rebecca Ohemaa Amoah popularly known in showbiz as Ohemaa Dadao on Sradio5 has unveiled her relationship with Freda Rhymz.

In an interview with Kofi Maya on Sradio5, Ohemaa Dadao disclosed the relationship between her and Freda Rhymz, expressing that she don’t have any issues with her kid sister so Ghanaians should quit thinking there is an issue between them.

To be completely forthright Ohemaa Dadao is lyrically better than even most of the male rappers not to discussion of the female rappers.

As per Ohemaa Dadao, Freda Rhymz is her kid sister and she don’t have any issue with her not to discuss even beef, what occurred from the outset was essential for showbiz.

Ohemaa Dadao proceed by disclosing to Ghanaians that, Ghanaians ought to expect something soon from her and Eno Barony.

We are looking forward for this extraordinary collaboration between Ohemaa Dadao and Eno Barony to happen.


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