Jackline Mensah is a Ghanaian social media star, comedian, actress, and influencer. She was born on May 24, 2001, and is also known by the nickname “TikTok goddess.”

During an exclusive interview with Pulse GH Entertainment, Ghanaian Tiktok star Jackline Mensah disclosed that she is unable to date a man who commutes to work using a public mode of transportation.

Jackline believes that despite the fact that love does not take into account a person’s social status, it will be challenging for her to have a romantic relationship with a man who takes the trotro because to her current level of renown.

She stated that she could not bear the disgrace of seeing his partner come to see her inside of a trotro because her friends would make fun of her for the situation.
Since then, the majority of Ghanaians have criticized the TikTok sensation, who has over 500,000 followers on one of the social media platforms that is expanding the quickest. They believe her words to be extremely disrespectful.

Jackline Mensah

Despite the fact that her remarks could come out as extremely nasty and stupid, she stands by her choice, and she takes full responsibility for it.

However, it would have been smarter for her to disregard the question because the people that take trotro are the ones who use their data to watch her videos so that she can make money. If she had answered the question, she would have given away her secret.


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