The vast majority of girls (and women) have been there. They’re concerned that a person they like is a cheater, but how can they be sure? There are some indicators that the boy you love is a cheater, but they aren’t always correct. When a lot of these red lights appear, however, you should be cautious.

Understanding How a Player Speaks

1. Examine his suppleness. Around a girl, boys who are players aren’t going to be timid, stammering sorts. They’ll appear almost too prepared, flirting with you with ease because it’s a game to them and they’ve done it before. Consider the following scenario:

They’ll always have a flirty joke or a practiced pickup line. You’ll think he’s “prince charming” and that there’s nothing you can do to offend him.

They’re full of self-assurance with you, chat fluently, and say everything a girl would want to hear. They, on the other hand, speak in broad strokes rather than providing specifics.

2. Recognize excessive flattery. A player will appear to be more interested in you than anyone else has ever been. At first, yes. However, once he has what he wants, which is sexual connection and/or your approval, he will cheat or simply leave you. For instance, he’ll try to make you feel important by showering you with compliments. He might act as though you have similar interests so you’ll be surprised at how much you have in common.

A certain amount of flattery is genuine. Keep track of how much, how often, and to what extent he does it. The flattery of a player will be excessive.

“Love bombing” should be avoided at all costs. This is where he showers you with adoration and adulation, clings to everything you say, pampers you, and elevates you. His compliments will mainly be on your appearance.

3. Pay attention to the things he says but doesn’t say. Certain words are unlikely to be spoken by a player in your presence. Despite his chattiness, the gamer will not give up control.

“I love you” isn’t something a player will say. There are a few players who will say this merely to get what they want and not mean it, but most players will not say it because they don’t want you to assume this is a long-term relationship.

4. Pay attention to how he speaks about his previous relationships. If a man is a player, he has most likely harmed a number of women or girls in the past. He will transfer his actions onto them in order to throw you off guard. He’ll act as if he’s been victimized by them.

He’ll call his ex-girlfriends “psycho” or “crazy” and try to convince you that he was the victim and that the breakup was all their fault.

Start doubting whether the individual participating in bad behavior was actually him if he does it repeatedly or about multiple people.

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