Has your girlfriend seemed more anxious and controlling lately? Is she angrier and more agitated than usual when you spend time with other women? You might be wondering if your girlfriend has been acting this way because she’s jealous.

Though jealousy has many causes and is normal in relationships, it can be tough, confusing, and stressful to deal with⁠—especially when she seems to distrust you no matter what you say.

We’ve put together some common behaviors to help you figure out what’s going on⁠; if your girlfriend is engaging in some of these, it may be a sign that she really is jealous, and something about the relationship needs to be addressed.

Method 1 She needs to know every detail of your life.

Your girlfriend may question you in extreme detail about how you spend your time. If she requires constant disclosure and feels the need to monitor everything that you do, that could be a sign that she’s jealous. Even if you reassure her otherwise or if her claims are irrational, she might continue to express suspicion about your infidelity, leaving you confused about how to gain back her trust.

For example, she might ask you every day where you were at one in the afternoon, or what you were doing after you got off from work.

Your girlfriend may just be showing concern and care for you⁠—but if you feel that her questioning is becoming excessive, it may be worth bringing up.

Method 2 She tries to control what you do.

Your girlfriend may lay down rules about what you can or cannot do. It might seem like it’s not enough for her to just know how you’re spending your time⁠⁠—in addition to this, she may tell you that you’re not allowed to talk to certain people, like a female coworker, or go to certain places.

It’s tough to feel that your girlfriend is gradually isolating you by laying down so many restrictions on your life⁠—and it’s possible that she’s doing it to try and keep you away from potential rivals.

Method 3 She looks through your personal correspondence.

Your girlfriend monitors any kind of personal correspondence you have. This could include going through your phone to look at your text messages and emails or logging into your social media accounts, even after you tell her that this isn’t okay with you. If she continues to intrude after you ask her not to, it may be a sign that she suspects that you are talking to potential rivals and feels the urge to check herself.

For example, she may question you about Instagram posts that you’ve liked, asking who another woman is and why you liked her post.

Method 4 She goes through your belongings.

Your girlfriend also inspects your physical belongings, like your clothes or wallet. If she never seems to trust you, it may be because she’s paranoid about verifying your words firsthand⁠—and is willing to look through your possessions and invade your privacy to do so.

For example, she might always look through every receipt in your wallet or demand to see your credit card bills.

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