The nefarious activities of mobile money fraudsters have taken different twists lately. Whichever mode it takes, the following requests will be made. Please take note and see how you can protect yourself.

After telling you whatever reason why it is that they are contacting you plus all the charade that comes with it, including making one of them insult you for causing the blockage of their SIM, the supposed worker from the office of the telco, who is also a fraudster will request you to enter *171#. At first it worked like the normal short-code *170# from MTN, but got updated some time back and only works with mtn Momo agents sim.

*When you enter *171# it won’t go through

*He will tell you your account has been limited now with respect to transactions it can make or receive.

*He will let your dial *170# in the name of removing the restrictions, but remember *170# is the code you need to start a MoMo transaction process.

*He will probably use the Momo pay option since it confuses people a lot.

*When the ‘enter amount to send’ notification pops up, he will tell you to enter 0000.

*Mtn will report with invalid amount error

*He will then ask you to enter something like 0505 as the activation code

*0505 is 505ghc, do not let the zero confuse you.

*After that he would request you to confirm with your pin.

* The next message will probably be, ‘transaction completed you might have sent 505ghc’, without realizing it.

The only way to protect yourself is only dialling your pin when you want to cash out at the agent or merchant’s place . Without your pin no one can do anything to your account.

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