Amerado, a Ghanaian rapper, has implicitly expressed his love for prominent media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso, often known as Delay.

This occurred during an interview in which the rapper discussed his love life and how he does not want that element to interfere with his music career in any manner.

According to the rapper, he is now in a relationship but does not want to combine his personal life with his professional life.

He told Delay that he doesn’t want his followers’ attention divided between his brand and his relationship, therefore he wants them to focus only on his brand and skills.

He said that he strongly believes that his relationship will end well for him but he doesn’t know what God holds for him in the future.

Delay asked if he doesn’t want a situation whereby things will not go well with his current girlfriend and a fan will be the replacement.

Amerado said that Delay may even be the one he’s looking for as a wife. Delay soon replied, claiming that the rapper is too young for her.

She stated that because she is 39 years old and Amerado is just 26, she cannot marry him. She also stated that she will get old and that the rapper will be concerned about her womanizing if they married as he recommended.


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