Dating is a stage of romantic relationships whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in a future intimate relationship.

Dating is a type of relationship, specifying that two individuals go on dates with one another. It can be exclusive, but isn’t necessarily, and also infers that the two individuals are on their way to a more seriously defined relationship.

Dating landscape can be scary when you’re looking to start something new with someone new. It can feel like everyone else has what you want, so why aren’t they an option? If you find yourself stuck in this kind of love rut, don’t worry—it happens to the best of us!


Here are 10 ways to make a boy addicted to you and bring real love into your life that lasts.

1) Embrace your beauty 

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Even if you don’t feel like you’re beautiful, remember that there is one person who will find your look utterly compelling. Do what you can to embrace and love yourself every day.

If a relationship is going to work out in your favor, you have to be able to stand on your own—but doing so doesn’t mean putting down another person. Instead, take inspiration from what makes each other unique and build on it together.

2) Show interest in him

To make a boy addicted to you, be sure you show interest in his interests. This means being interested in him as well. Even if you don’t have much in common, it is important that you try and at least feign interest. When you become more familiar with each other, your relationship will quickly take off from there.

You must show interest in whatever it is he enjoys doing. If you can’t get into his hobbies, don’t fake it.

3) Make things easier for him
One of the easiest ways to make a guy fall in love with you is simply by making things easier for him. Here are some little things you can do to make his life easier: don’t text him too much; always respond on time; ask about his day first and foremost; offer small tokens of your affection that he knows to mean something—like just listening.

Be subtle. Being too available might come off as desperate, especially if he’s not interested yet. Too unavailable, though, and he won’t have any idea why you wouldn’t want to spend time with him! Find a middle ground so that it feels like you both have enough freedom in your relationship—that way, neither of you will ever feel tied down or suffocated.

4) Compliment him

Dating, Love, Relationship Men love compliments, especially from attractive women. When you’re getting acquainted with a guy, and he starts to like you back, remember that not only will genuine praise make him like you more, but it will also make him want to impress you even more. So while he may take you You have nice eyes comment with a grain of salt, your blue eyes are so striking against your fair skin is much more likely to stick in his mind.

5) Know when to talk, and when to listen

All too often, women jump into relationship advice by telling their crush what to do. While we’re more than happy to tell you how you can seduce that cute boy in your class, we also think it’s important for you to have some tricks up your sleeve when it comes time for him to return the favor.

For example, not only will getting him alone be infinitely easier when he approaches you first—but being able to deflect his advances will keep him coming back for more! Or, if he goes in for a kiss and things aren’t going as planned (which is fine!), be able to gauge his reaction and turn things around with some well-placed teasing or flirting instead of fighting about whose fault it is is it was.

6) Allow him his independence
Don’t smother him with attention and affection. Allow him space and freedom, which will make him want to stick around because he likes that you’re there when he wants you.

Give him space, and make sure he knows you love him for who he is, rather than how many hours per day he dedicates to you. For someone to become addicted to another person’s company, they have to like them. Treating your crush well and encouraging independence will ensure that your relationship has a solid foundation – one that can weather any storms thrown its way in due time.

7) Never put him down in public
A man will always respect a woman who is smart and confident, and you can bet that he will not be attracted to someone who puts him down in public. If he has done something that has upset you, try to bring it up later when you’re alone together. Letting him know how you feel about his behavior early on in your relationship will help make him even more attracted to you.

8) Be spontaneous!
Nothing turns on a guy more than a woman who’s willing to put her wants, needs, and desires ahead of everyone else. The best way to do that? Be spontaneous. Many women feel like they need an excuse or justification for spending time with someone, but guys are turned off by those feelings and just want you to be happy with whatever you choose to do.

Be spontaneous about everything from what movies you watch (one day it might be action films, another day comedies) to where you eat dinner (you can mix up your routine or have dinner at home every night if that’s what makes you happy). Spontaneity keeps things interesting and will make your guy feel special when he knows that he’s always part of your plans.

9) Play hard-to-get
When you make him work for your attention, he’ll be more interested in you. Guys hate a clear sign of easy access—the inability to pursue or capture is part of what makes you interesting. Don’t seem too eager by contacting him first, suggesting dates, or getting available at short notice; play hard-to-get and he’ll start chasing you.

When he does contact you, play it cool: don’t answer every text immediately (even if it sends your heart rate through the roof) and wait for his call instead of calling him back immediately. Dating, dating dating

10) But always stay positive.
Everyone has those days when we feel less than confident about ourselves. Don’t let one of those days be when you run into your crush. Smile and be positive, and he’ll love your spunk. Everyone wants a girl who can light up a room with her smile and make every man around her jealous of her energy. If you walk into that party as if you own it, he will want to talk to you!


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